"The 100 Wishes of Hatcham" are ready to be presented!
Please come and join us on

Saturday 12 October, 1-3pm

when the first Delft Blue Tile Public Art Wall in London will be revealed to the public and officially inaugurated by representatives of Lewisham Council. The afternoon will be celebrated with music, spoken word and free family friendly creative workshops.

Between May and July 2019, 100 residents of Hatcham, New Cross Gate, have participated in Delft Blue ceramic decorating workshops to visualise their wish and words of wisdom. Led by hARTslane and Dutch artist Tisna Westerhof, the residents have mixed onglaze enamels, transferred imaginary, painted and fired 100 tiles. The 2 by 2 metre ceramic tile installation will send daily positive messages of hope and joy into the world for generations to come.

The creative workshops brought together different parts of the community working on the same brief and enjoying the process of making and learning new skills together while sharing common ground. Participants as young as 3 and their families, scouts, artists, young people and the older residents of Hatcham all committed to the challenges of the limitations of the materials as well as the visualisation of their wishes, which results into a magical yet powerful collective contribution.

Originated in China, the Blue and White ceramic technique has travelled the world. From Dutch Delftware to Portuguese Azulejos, from the Italian Maiolica to the English Willow Patterns and the tin-glazed earthenwares from the British Isles: the Blue and White represents cultural diversity and celebrates them coming together.

Now more than any other time, the world is in need of unity, positivity and kindness. The 100 Wishes of Hatcham celebrate diversity and unity within the area, whilst their messages reach out far and beyond the perimeters of the community.

Funded by the Mayor of London Culture Seeds programme, the workshops were organised in collaboration with local organisations and charities: All Saints Community Centre, The Ageing Well Fun Club of New Cross, 32nd Deptford Scouts, Somerville Adventure Playground and The Five Bells Pub.

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