hARTslane hosted projects


Brigitte Parusel, Cecily Tattersall, Fiona Grady, Hannah Luxton and Zoe Schoenherr
Over the course of a long weekend the artists have inhabited Harts Lane Studio to explore the use of repetition within their artistic practices. Together, they begin to deconstruct this shared interest, and identify where their overlapping thoughts, methods and understanding begin to separate into different territories. By considering the multiple interpretations of this action, they aim to address how they can theoretically and compositionally inform one another. The intention is not to find a conclusion but open up a dialogue that will strengthen the relationship between their practices and inspire further projects.

Ernesto Torres
Coinciding with simultaneous events occurring in London remembering the fifth anniversary of the students’ anti-fees protests, Dissenting Room is a space for expression, discussion and opinion. Ernesto’s works addresses socio-political issues along with religious topics as well as larger legacies of memory and identity such as diaspora, globalisation and other forms of cultural integration. Drawing upon traditional craft techniques, Ernesto’s practice is an expanded practice based on the principle of site-specific installation and sculpture, combining ceramics and mixed media.

Drawing London on Location is a Meetup group with over 1500 members from all around London. The aim is to discover and sketch the greatest of London and encourage each other to draw, sketch, and paint.
In March 2015, Drawing London on Location held an exhibition at Harts Lane Studios of a collections of sketches, drawings, and paintings produced over two weekends in the streets of Deptford and New Cross.


Nayan Kulkarni & Steven Scott
Part of the ART LICKS Week End and DEPTFORD X

Phase Shift is the first time that the artists have worked together since discovering common interests in what in means to make moving image based artworks now. This exhibition is intended to be the first stage in an ongoing collaborative and curatorial project. Developed from both artists use of video, sound and light projection the work on display will emerge out of their exchanges within the exhibition space and will explore the materialities of experience.

Chris Calderwood
J’adore the restless ape
who pushes down full throttle
On the right hand peddle
With the flat of his foot,
As his opposable grip
Distant from the steering wheel
Letting slip his direction
To the chaotic rules of evolution.
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HARTS RAIN (Weather Report) 
A Concept Installation by Clive Burton

This second work in a series of installations about defining Harts Lane building as an art work in its own right follows the original palimpsest installation ‘Socket and See’ in March 2014. In each case an aspect of the building was taken to develop a concept to intensify the awareness of the building as a whole whilst offering diversifying layers for interpretation.
Attention is drawn, with irony and humour, to the already existing aesthetic of the shell of the building, its historical atmospheric characteristics and its current state of health as a living three dimensional structure. This is emphasised by the additional elements of sound, movement and time evoking the component of weather into the inner space of the building.

The Action, Intervention and daily Deployment (AIdD) collective is a research group examining alternative methods of protest or what we refer to as an 'everyday protest' (e.g. zero waste movement, spend no money day, public space intervention, urban gardening etc.). AldD is a research collective established in Goldsmiths College.
More info http://aestheticsofprotest.org/


Carly Baker, Omyo JeongHyun Cho, Helen Hamilton, Eve Ritchie, and Flora Scott.

‘Conglomerate: from con- ‘together’ + glomer- ‘ball’
‘a thing consisting of a number of different and distinct parts or items that are grouped together’
An exhibition bringing together works from 5 artists exploring the potentiality of art objects; as agents of reaction and interaction, sites of meaning and memory, and products of society and culture. Featuring sculpture, photography, print, and painting.

Angela Wright and Julian Wright

Part of the Telegraph Hill Festival 2015
Angela Wright and Julian Wright have brought together their individual skills to explore the metamorphosis of ‘cast off’ clothes into sculptural objects which could be seen to be loosely associated with ‘flowers’. The ‘performances’ which are the subject of the exhibition took place on location in the Thames Estuary. The documentation and the resulting sculptures have been installed in Harts Lane Studios. 
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Following on from the last Sirens exhibition ‘Drive-Thru’, Great Expectations is a continuation of our exploration of the dark side of contemporary identity. How is it formed and dissolved so quickly? How is it used as a tool to conceal and create? In a time more of persona than person, we explore the idea of creating characters and question how women create identities in contemporary society. Taking inspiration from Miss Havisham’s ruined mansion, audiences will be able to wander through several themed rooms, starting in an abandoned bedroom, going through the dining room (watch out for some surprises on the table), and finally ending up in the asylum. For one weekend only, Sirens will transform hARTslane into a dilapidated mad house. 
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An inclusive art space housing an archival collection of photography from action on the Non-Stop Picket of the South African Embassy in London (1986 -1990). With additional prints, film screenings, performance, drawing, sculpture, discussion and a library space. Featuring work by Makie Kurata | Josephine Wood | Lisa Cradduck | Sophie Carapetian | Stand off Films | James Waters | John Russell | Dean Kenning | Andrew Cooper | Harriet Foyster| Enda Deburca | Kate Renwick | Phill Wilson-Perkin | Chris Bird | Communist Gallery

RuN invites you to explore our little oneiric pocket.
We have a space and artists from diverse backgrounds attempting to flow together alone, with DREAMS in mind. A platform for exchange, experiments, ideas. From performance art to music, theatre and installation.
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In(ep)trepid Theatre presents: Father For Justice by Mark Wakeman & Dearly Departed by Liam Fleming.
in(ep)trepid is a company committed to making immersive and interactive pieces of site specific theatre. Incorporating space and audience participation they aim to create work that gives the viewer a feeling of being directly involved and even a sense of control of the situations before them.
Formed in 2013 by Artistic Director Liam Fleming, the company have its first major showcase at Harts Lane Studios between the 5th and 8th of February 2014. Two short pieces of new writing: ‘Father for Justice’ by Mark Wakeman and ‘Dearly Departed’ by Liam Fleming.

Bleaching. Sucking. Feeding. Clocking. Scouring. Tuning.
Renee Carmichael, Gareth Foote, Cliff Hammett, Manali Jagtap-Nyheim, Alexandra Jönsson, Tom Keene, Anila Ladwa, Olga P Massanet

On the evening of the summer solstice, members of the Open System Association (OSA) will move the familiar framework of the kitchen out from the home or restaurant, and into the experimental project space of Harts Lane Studios. Over 11 hours of material enquiry will explore how time is produced through the relations between physical processes and is restructured through cultural and political techniques. Engineered, commodified and consumed, kitchen time becomes labour time sold as leisure, but could we make it something different? Could we carry with it the wetness, warmth and sheer burning alkalinity of the substances, practices and forces we find within its walls and streaming through its windows?

Samuel Bromley and Sean Burns

Body Language is an exhibition that brings together the work of two contemporary artists, Samuel Bromley and Sean Burns. Bromley’s process-driven practice leads him to explore material qualities and limits. Working with a range of mediums from soil to wool and unfired clay. Burns’ work aims to address and subvert modes of reception and signification. Considering the representation, performance and perception of self.