In current political challenging times, it is refreshing, humbling and hopeful to spread a message of collaboration and exchange across borders celebrating unity and diversity through creative espression by our next generation.”

EAST - OOST - OST (2018- 2020) is an International Art Exchange project initiated by De Rode Loper op School - Art Education Amsterdam, in collaboration with hARTslane, London.

East - Oost - Ost is an exchange programme in the field of art education for children from neighbourhoods from three European Capitals: East London, Amsterdam Oost and Ost Berlin. The creative programme of “share, connect and exchange” will last for 2 years and will culminate in the Amsterdam Kinder Biennale 2020.

Post! Mail Art was the kick off project!
In January 2019, hARTslane facilitated a series of creative workshops at the Hermitage Primary School in East London, where 25 pupils received Mail Art from Barbara School and Nelson Mandela School in Amsterdam and were invited to respond and make their very own Mail Art to send back. They learnt about the history of Mail and Mail Art, about life in Holland, some Dutch words and replied to their art pen-pals sharing common ground: school and family life in the urban city.
The children were challenged: they learnt about screen-printing, collage, decorating and illustrating. Experimentation and artistic freedom were encouraged to communicate via artistic post!