November-April 2018

 We are proud to present our third Room 6.3,  DEAR LONDON, where we celebrate the empty, forgotten buildings in London and imagine a new use for them, a new relation between people and space, where humanity is at heart.
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Part of ROOM 6.3

* Sun 5th Nov, 1PM: Free Recycling art workshop for children aged 5 -9. Limited spaces, book at permadance@gmail.com
* Fri 10th Nov 6-9PM: Private View
* Sat 11th Nov & Sun 12th Nov 12-9PM: Free exhibition
* Fri 10th Nov: 8PM, Sat 11th Nov: 2PM, 6PM, 8PM, Sun 12th Nov: 2PM, 6PM: Performanc £4 online / £5 door
* Sat 11th Nov 3-4:30PM: Talk: introduction to  permaculture. By Tish Vail from Social Landscapes - Book online.

Dance artist Maria Lothe brings together a collaborative group of visual artists to present 3 days of exhibition and performance inspired by permaculture and sustainability.
The project invites us to observe our relationship to the environment, and inspire interaction and
collaboration towards a sustainable future - do more good, not less bad.
The exhibition will feature a dynamic installation made from recycled materials, for the public to walk through and observe, and performance across the weekend which will create a dialogue with the installation. There will be illustration inspired by Sky, and a PermaCorner, where you can sit down, enjoy books and engage in conversations.
An introductio to permaculture will be given by Tish Vail from Social landscape a London-based permaculture enterprise set up to engage communities to create places that support
personal, social and ecological well being. Tish will introduce the basic principles of permaculture
and facilitate a discussion on how we might introduce permaculture into our own communities.
Additionally there will be a free children’s art worksho using recycled materials, facilitated by the visual artists on Sunday 5th November.
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Part of Room 6.3
THE SHIP IS SINKING AND THE CITY IS DYING DEAD - Call for Artists / deadline 22.11.2017
By R.U.N. Collective
The event will take place on
Sunday 26th of November

‘The city has changed and the sound of building sides trembling in our ears like worms getting closer to our brains. And somehow we are getting smaller, vanishing under the empire of multi millionaires. With loans hanging on our backs in the form of burden and illusion of freedom getting some kind of education and live with goals to reach the perfect place. You might die before you get there. We hide in small cupboards like cockroaches behind the fridge and we call it home. No time has left to say hi or goodbye, we are way too busy making a fire of private depressions and survivals’. 
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