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ROOM 6.5 / Unseen & Unspoken

June – November 2019

What matters is precisely this: the unspoken at the edge of the spoken.” Virginia Wolf

“ROOM 6.5: Unseen & Unspoken” aims to give visibility to the under-represented and unheard voices in our society.

We look for untold stories and unexplored realities to reveal and share.

ROOM 6.0 focuses on a relevant contemporary issue every 6 months and will provide a forum for exploration and cultural engagement on current affairs. Submissions are welcome from artists and curators alike. The specific topic can be addressed through collaborative and site specific projects, exhibitions, workshops, talks and screenings.
The programme welcomes proposals from UK based as well as international art practicioners

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It’s so rewarding to be able to see the power of art as a vehicle to connect people with themselves and eachother.

Big thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund who enabled us to produce “Stitching Time”, where children are making personalised memory cushions for residents of local Alzheimer’s care homes.

We are in the full swing of cutting, sewing & designing. Children experience the joy of making and creating together for someone else within their community.

A wonderful little docu-fim is being made to share “Stitching Time” with everyone who is interested in intergenerational acts of kindness through art. Whatch this space!

Special thanks to all the partners invloved:
Hatcham Temple Grove Primary School & Manley Court Care Home
Sandhurst Primary School & Beechcroft Care Centre
Brent Knoll Special School & Pear Tree Care Home.

"The 100 Wishes of Hatcham" are ready to be presented!
Please come and join us on Saturday 12 October, 1-3pm
when we will cut the ribbon and celebrate this beautiful art wall made by the people of Hatcham.
Location: On the wall where Harts Lane meets Hatcham Park Road, Behind TKMaxx, SE14 5UP, New Cross Gate, London, very near hARTslane Gallery.

A permanent Delft Blue Public Art TILE Wall for and by the community of Hatcham, New Cross Gate.

Kindly supported by the Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds programme.

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ROOM 6.5
Murmuration by Drawing Connections part of both Art Licks ‘Interdependence’ Weekend and Deptford X ‘Stop Making Sense’ Festival 2019
Exhibition open 12–6pm, 18-27 October, 2 and 3 November, 2019
Private Views both 6–9pm; Art Licks, Thursday 17 October and Deptford X, Friday 25 October

Artists’ Talk 3–4 pm Sunday 20 October.

A mass collaboration over two days at hARTslane in response to the programme, 'Unseen and Unspoken'. Collaboratively artists will explore and interpret untold stories and unspoken realities with humble materials through expanded drawing techniques. Their exhibition will allow the reticent to emerge or be chanced upon and reveal its true significance.

A Drawing Connections group exhibition co–curated by exhibiting artists Nicki Rolls and Gill Newton with Terrence Brett, Bethe Bronson, Alison Carlier, Chris Cawkwell, Jill Evans, Helen Goodwin, Barry Haskins, Anne Lydiat, Laura Marker, Zita Saffrette and Lisa Solovieva.

Drawing Connections is a fluid group of around 25 artists who choose to work collaboratively through drawing in its expanded form. Collaboration inspires and challenges both individual and group prac- tice enlivening communication and bringing about the use of new materials and techniques in the work. As a group and individually they seek to broaden the understanding and expectations of con- temporary drawing and exhibit widely in the UK and Europe. www.drawingconnections.co.uk

ROOM 6.5
A Visual Symphony – Exhibition by Livia Garcia and Martin Harrison
27-29 September, 12:30-6pm
PV 26 September, 6-8:30

The recent work of Livia Garcia (born Hong Kong) and Martin Harrison (born UK) are both linked to sound and music though they are quiet as standalone pieces. Both artists have worked with improviser musicians who have responded to their visual art pieces with music.

The two artists from two generations are hoping to form a non-verbal dialogue between delicate drawings, moving images and large scale sculptures at hARTslane.


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