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ROOM 6.4 / Artists and Mental Health

September 2018 – February 2019

"Madness is a gift from the gods." Plato
"We of the craft are all crazy." Lord Byron

Is mental health a problem or a gift? One in four adults lives with a mental health condition yet this illness often remains shrouded. hARTslane is offering a platform to examine mental health through the experience of artists and their work, to raise awareness and to advocate for the arts as a tool to wellbeing.

ROOM 6.0 focuses on a relevant contemporary issue every 6 months and will provide a forum for exploration and cultural engagement on current affairs. Submissions are welcome from artists and curators alike. The specific topic can be addressed through collaborative and site specific projects, exhibitions, workshops, talks and screenings.
The programme welcomes proposals from UK based as well as international art practicioners

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Confirmed events (in progress)
”Control”, 20- 23 September 2018, also part of DeptfordX Fringe
”INTRUSIONS”, 11-14 October 2018, Exhibition
”A Place for Friends”, 12-19 November 2018, Exhibition
“In Need of Space”, 20 November, An evening of talks focusing on practical and possible methods to work through the problem of space in London.
”PASSAGGIATINA“, 6-8 December 2018, Exhibition
”No Wall Space”, 17-19 December 2018, Exhibition
”Love on the Isle of Dogs and other Intimate Stories”, 18-21 January 2019, Exhibition

Part of ROOM 6.4 "Artists & Mental Health"
PV Saturday, 8th of December, 2018 6-9pm
Exhibition open 7th and 8th December, 12-9pm

Passaggiatina is a not for profit artist led art residency that brings together artists from all over the world to live and work together in the small Apennine Italian community of Atina, Lazio for the last weeks of August.
It is a constantly evolving event and seeks to bring more contemporary art to the locality, reach out to the comunity or intervene in a positive way on the everyday.
‘Passaggi’ can mean the passing from one place to another, or to one phase of life, or from a state of mind to another. It can be a transition. Artists are encouraged to use this as their starting point with an emphasis on community or place. The resident artists are mostly all based in London, many have exhibited together or know each other from the art scene.
They are invited to live and work together as a community at the atmospheric Asilo Beatrice, a school run by nuns and a gift to the local community. Many of Atina’s residents are happy to collaborate with artists projects and help with research about its ancient history and their interest and trust in the artists is developing each year. The time there is short but the work made in the studios and out and about is intense and often immense as usually there is a show of some kind at the end. This year the show was held at Palazzo Ducale a 14th Century castle and featured film, performance, painting, photography, music, sound, intervention, installation, textile, sculpture, writing and poetry.
The residency is brought together by artists Chris Simpson and Jude Cowan Montague with organisation by Riccardi Orazio Paolo President of the Atinart - Associazione di Arte e cultura.

Alice Naylor | Cassandra Mahoney | Chris Simpson | Emma Roper-Evans | Gzillian artist | India Roper-Evans | Jude Cowan Montague | Julia Maddison | Magdalena Papanikolopoulou | Massimiliano Battista | Matt Scott | Nataljia Jezova | Rachelle Allen-Sherwood | Susana Sanroman | Cleaver boi | Vanja Karas | Veronica Shimanovskaya | Silver Bohus-Roper

PassaggiAtina, art Residency.

Orisun Productions Springboard Performance 2019
Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 of January, 2019
3pm & 7:30pm

Seven monologues. Seven actors. One theme - Orísun {spring/origin/source}.


Put aside any notions you may have of traditional theatre. Tradition is for the past. We are the future.

This launch performance will be an immersive experience set in a former motorbike garage with a raw, organic architectural quality. It will challenge, delight & entertain.

The event will showcase the work of established and emerging writing talent from across the world; teamed up with some of London’s newest and exciting actors.

We need more. We want more. Join us!

*Matinee performance starts at 3pm, doors open at 2.30pm
*Evening performance starts at 7.30pm, doors open at 7pm
*No entry once the show has started. Re-admittance at our discretion.

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