ROOM 6.0
A new socially engaging art exhibiton platform open to submissions. From October 2016, hARTslane ROOM 6.0 will focus on a relevant contemporary issue every 6 months and will provide a forum for exploration and cultural engagement on current affairs. Submissions are welcome from artists and curators alike. The specific topic can be addressed through collaborative and site specific projects, exhibitions, workshops, talks and screenings. The programme welcomes proposals from UK based as well as international art practicioners. For information on how to apply, please send an email to

ROOM 6.2 / Phenomenal Woman, That's Me (April-September 2017)
HARTslane's mission for ROOM 6.2 is to offer a platform for the voice and vision of individual female artists. We want to provide opportunities to artists who raise awareness of the role of women in the visual arts and promote public involvement and support. Responding to the Guerrilla Girls' display at the Tate Modern, exposing sexual and racial discrimination in the art world, we question the tradition of awarding power to masculinity to the exclusion of others.
hARTslane invites artists and curators to submit proposals that address this unbalanced framework and the challenges that women face in terms of lack of recognition and opportunities. The title of our programme mirrors Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman” and is an invitation to celebrate and nurture femininity. Please send an email to info@hartslane to receive the guidelines and application form.

She Says: Light, Camera, Action!
A programme of community video screenings in collaboration with London Community Video Archive (LCVA),
FRIDAY 19 MAY, 8pm
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ROOM 6.1 / United We Stand (October 2016 - March 2017)
Motivated by recent Brexit results, global political anxiety and growing divisions, the first series will develop around the motto ‘United We Stand’. The phrase most often used with ‘divided we fall’, inspires unity and collaboration. Its core concept lies in the collectivist notion that if individual members of a certain group with binding ideals – such as a union, coalition, confederation or alliance – work on their own instead of as a team, they are each doomed to fail and will all be defeated. hARTslane will become an open platform for local and international artists to investigate, experiment and showcase work that fosters a strong collaborative approach, both as a theoretical framework and as a working methodology. Throughout the six months, we intend to affirm friendship and cooperation, and to show that community spirit is alive and well in spite of what might be happening around us. We look for art that can connect people across borders.

On Our Way To Where?

Exhibition, part of Art Licks Weekend and DeptfordX Fringe
23 September – 2 October 2016
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Painting As Ruin
Charlie Betts and Anna Garrett present new collaborative works
21-22 October 2016
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Mayhem Night of Performances
curated by R.U.N.
27 October 2016
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By BLOAT collective, featuring sound by Charlie Ockmore
27 - 29 Janury 2017