With an aim to break down barriers and to provide affordable and accessible opportunities to produce, exhibit and inspire, hARTslane has introduced ROOM 6.0, an ongoing submission platform, inviting artists, curators and creative practitioners to contribute with an exhibition or art event, regardless of experience level, curriculum or background.
ROOM 6.0 focuses on a relevant contemporary issue every 6 months and provides a forum for exploration and cultural engagement on current affairs.
The specific topic can be addressed through collaborative and site specific projects, exhibitions, workshops, talks and screenings. The programme welcomes proposals from UK based as well as international art practitioners. Please note hARTslane doesn’t accept solo show presentations, nor is this a call out for individual artists to be part of a show. Proposals should describe focused, idea-driven, original group exhibitions and projects.

For guidelines and application form, please send an email to
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ROOM 6.1 / United We Stand (October 2016 - March 2017)
ROOM 6.2 / Phenomenal Woman, That's Me (April-September 2017)
ROOM 6.3 / Dear London (November 2017-April 2018)
ROOM 6.4 / Artists and Mental Health (September 2018 – February 2019)
ROOM 6.5 / Unseen & Unspoken (June - November 2019)

Image @ Tom Dale

Image @ Tom Dale

ROOM 6.5 / Unseen & Unspoken (June - November 2019)

What matters is precisely this: the unspoken at the edge of the spoken.”
Virginia Wolf

“ROOM 6.5: Unseen & Unspoken” aims to give visibility to the under-represented and unheard voices in our society.

We look for untold stories and unexplored realities to reveal and share.

Events (in progress):
24-30 June 2019, “All the things I cannot say” Exhibition by Erika Trotzig, Jenny Klein and Alex Dixon.

22-28 July 2019, ”RIOT SOUP”, Residency & Exhibition @riotsoup

11 September 2019, SHADO presents “GLOBAL” I am a Woman, a photography exhibition and live music event to celebrate the work of 20 photographers form around the world.

16-22 September 2019, ”The Peculiar Space Between Things”, Exhibition by Sinéid Codd Sharon Haward

25-29 September 2019, “A Visual Symphony”, Exhibition by Livia Garcia and Martin Harris

30 September - 6 October 2019, ”Wasteland 2.0”, site-specific installation by Ka Ian Hoi, Rita Castanheira, Pui Pui Ip, Lelia Byron, Xiao Jing Li, and Yao Yao Yu.

17 October - 3 November 2019, “Murmuratium” by Drawing Connections. Part of DeptfordX and Art Licks Week end.

ROOM 6.4 / Artists and Mental Health (September 2018 – February 2019)

Artwork by Jude Cowan Montague

Artwork by Jude Cowan Montague

"Madness is a gift from the gods." Plato
"We of the craft are all crazy." Lord Byron

Is mental health a problem or a gift? One in four adults lives with a mental health condition yet this illness often remains shrouded. hARTslane is offering a platform to examine mental health through the experience of artists and their work, to raise awareness and to advocate for the arts as a tool to wellbeing.

”Control”, 20- 23 September 2018, also part of DeptfordX Fringe
”INTRUSIONS”, 11-14 October 2018, Exhibition
”A Place for Friends”, 12-19 November 2018, Exhibition
“In Need of Space”, 20 November, An evening of talks focusing on practical and possible methods to work through the problem of space in London.
”PASSAGGIATINA“, 6-8 December 2018, Exhibition featuring Passaggiatina Residency artists
”No Wall Space”, 17-19 December 2018, Exhibition
”Love on the Isle of Dogs and other Intimate Stories”, 18-21 January 2019, Exhibition
”Rubble”, 28 February 2019, site specific installation, Camberwell College of Arts:

ROOM 6.3 / Dear London (November 2017-April 2018)


“Places are becoming ever meaner and more divided, as public assets are relentlessly sold off, entire council estates flattened to make room for silos of luxury safe-deposit boxes in the sky. We are replacing homes with investment units, to be sold overseas and never inhabited, substituting community for vacancy. The more we build, the more our cities are emptied, producing dead swathes of zombie town where the lights might never even be switched on.” Oliver Wainright

Dear London, Why are you so dear? The ultimate use of a building now seems to be how much rent you can get for it and nothing to do with what people or neighbourhoods need. We can see what is possible and what is good, but to implement true change, do we have to turn to social action? Revolutionary solutions such as the right to squat, with occupation turning into ownership? You know London, we as Hartslane have indeed been down that road to reclaim and bring back to life a building that had been left to rot. How can we build on that experience and bring back humanity to your streets?

There is a certain theatricality about derelict buildings, which once were so full of life but now stand empty, waiting to be restored, used and loved again. What is the narrative, their story; who lived or worked there, why did they leave, why was the building abandoned? And perhaps more importantly why do these ruinous spaces evoke such mixed emotions in us, sensual, romantic, nostalgic, but frustration and sadness too. We feel we want to protect them.
We also ask why not more of the vast number of empty buildings is being re-used as homes when we have a chronic shortage of housing in the capital. Some of these buildings are not deemed to have any architectural merit so they get demolished. Often what is built instead though is soul-less and doesn’t speak to the community, doesn’t allow for any social interaction. Public spaces get developed into private spaces because buildings are now called properties. They are an investment with a high rental price-tag.

We are proud to present our Room 6.3 DEAR LONDON, where we celebrate the empty, forgotten buildings in London and imagine a new use for them, a new relation between people and space, where humanity is at heart.

flyer sewn seeds front low.jpg

5-12 November 2017

Dance artist Maria Lothe brought together a collaborative group of visual artists to present 3 days of exhibition and performance inspired by permaculture and sustainability.
The project invites us to observe our relationship to the environment, and inspire interaction and collaboration towards a sustainable future - do more good, not less bad.
The exhibition featured a dynamic installation made from recycled materials, for the public to walk through and observe, and performance across the weekend which created a dialogue with the installation. 
An introduction to permaculture was given by Tish Vail from Social landscape a London-based permaculture enterprise set up to engage communities to create places that support personal, social and ecological well being.
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PULSE small.jpeg

9 -10 February 2018
Clive Burton and Dagmara Bilo

An immersive installation performance collaboration between artist Clive Burton and the performance artist Dagmara Bilon. It is the third and concluding part of a trilogy of installations by Clive Burton involving ‘The Building as the Artwork’ at hARTslane Project Space. The preceding two concept works where the palimpsest installation ’Socket and See’ in 2014 and ‘Harts Rain’ (Weather Report) 2016 an installation involving time, movement and sound. ‘Pulse’ proceeds in a collaboration of integrated live performance. 
Active buildings have physical and spiritual energies, which become interactive with their inhabitants and visitors.  ‘Pulse’ engages and activates these energies through rendering the building empty and employing the electrical wiring outlets as a metaphor for the nervous system. There is no audience only visitors who become integral in the artwork by just being there as part of the internal space of the building.


recreational harts lane poster(1).jpg

1-3 March 2018

Recreational, a group show, centres around sites of work and play in the city- what defines & differentiates these, & what happens when roles are reversed or boundaries blurred. People lay their claim over spaces- played out in our parks, underneath bridges carrying cross city commuters, by canal- sides, and in glass ghost-towns. Interventions come from "above" - hostile architecture and deterrents, but also "below"- people making what they want, what they need and what they can. The show brings together works linked to ideas of (but not limited to) control over our environments, situationist methods of exploring place, the idea of "the right to the city" and personal or imagined experiences. Including poetry, projection, sound, sculpture, performance and painting


9-21 March 2018
PV | Thursday 8th of March , 6-9pm
Exhibition Open | 9-21 March 2018, Friday-Sunday, 2-6pm
Artists talk & performance | Wednesday 21st of March, 6-9pm

As part of ROOM 6.3 / Dear London (November 2017-May 2018), hARTslane is presenting New Narratives, where we celebrate the empty, forgotten buildings in London and imagine a new use for them, a new relation between people and space, where humanity is at heart.
The show brings together architects, designers and artists who are invited to present projects and ideas where empty unusual spaces are reconfigured and used for social rather than economic benefit.
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ROOM 6.2 / Phenomenal Woman, That's Me (April-September 2017)

hARTslane's mission for ROOM 6.2 is to offer a platform for the voice and vision of individual female artists. We want to provide opportunities to artists who raise awareness of the role of women in the visual arts and promote public involvement and support. Responding to the Guerrilla Girls' display at the Tate Modern, exposing sexual and racial discrimination in the art world, we question the tradition of awarding power to masculinity to the exclusion of others.
hARTslane invites artists and curators to submit proposals that address this unbalanced framework and the challenges that women face in terms of lack of recognition and opportunities. The title of our programme mirrors Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman” and is an invitation to celebrate and nurture femininity. Please send an email to info@hartslane to receive the guidelines and application form.


She Says: Light, Camera, Action!
A programme of community video screenings in collaboration with London Community Video Archive (LCVA),
FRIDAY 19 MAY, 8pm
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Art work exhibition | Soviet avant-garde film & art | Book stall | Banner painting | Raffle

Exhibiting Artists: Sophie Brook | Nyousha Movagharzadeh | Harrie Pilkington | Harriette Meynell | Rosie Back | Becky Hancock | Jodie Maidment | Daisy Morey| Lily Hudson
"A Unique Event In Human History" explored womanhood as a displacer, creating dialogues wherein femininity becomes a point of tension in an artists life. The work heavily focuses on the stories of individuals; narratives more commonly seen in the Feminist Western canon curated along side experiences of femininity under-represented in the Art World.


ROOM 6.1 / United We Stand (October 2016 - March 2017)

Motivated by recent Brexit results, global political anxiety and growing divisions, the first series will develop around the motto ‘United We Stand’. The phrase most often used with ‘divided we fall’, inspires unity and collaboration. Its core concept lies in the collectivist notion that if individual members of a certain group with binding ideals – such as a union, coalition, confederation or alliance – work on their own instead of as a team, they are each doomed to fail and will all be defeated. hARTslane will become an open platform for local and international artists to investigate, experiment and showcase work that fosters a strong collaborative approach, both as a theoretical framework and as a working methodology. Throughout the six months, we intend to affirm friendship and cooperation, and to show that community spirit is alive and well in spite of what might be happening around us. We look for art that can connect people across borders.


On Our Way To Where?

Exhibition, part of Art Licks Weekend and DeptfordX Fringe
23 September – 2 October 2016
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Painting As Ruin
Charlie Betts and Anna Garrett present new collaborative works
21-22 October 2016
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Mayhem Night of Performances
curated by R.U.N.
27 October 2016
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By BLOAT collective, featuring sound by Charlie Ockmore
27 - 29 Janury 2017